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Business and Community Partnerships

WSISD Career and Technical Education continuously seeks to create authentic, relevant, and high-quality student learning experiences through business and community partnerships. Your support of Career and Technical Education as a business or community partner is invaluable and plays an integral role in preparing students for college and the workforce. How can you help? 

Invest in the workforce of tomorrow by:

  • Joining an advisory board
  • Evaluating curriculum, credentialing, and equipment
  • Providing job shadowing opportunities
  • Sharing industry expertise and trends
  • Serving as a student/program mentor
  • Providing paid or unpaid intern/externship opportunities
  • Providing support and training for students and teachers
  • Volunteering as judge or mentor for CTSO events
  • Identifying and/or providing post-secondary opportunities for students
  • Investing funds, providing in-kind support, or helping to raise external funds to meet program goals
  • Advocating for CTE in a variety of ways

How your partnership can benefit students:

  • Experience, exposure, expanded horizons
  • Students learn relevant skills from practicing professionals
  • Real-life application of skills and improved decision making regarding career choices
  • Professional work-based experiences 
  • Industry connections that increase post-secondary opportunities 

How your partnership can benefit your business:

  • Affect quality of graduates entering the workforce
  • Create a hiring pipeline of future employees
  • Enhance company's image when seen as an involved educational partner
  • Promotes collaboration between employers and educators to support workforce development

If you are an industry professional or community member who is interested in supporting CTE as a business or community partner, please let us know by filling out the form below. 

CTE Partnership Information Request Form